Set up nvm in Windows 10

In order to use nvm you need to install in through .exe file.

Here is the link to download nvm. Browse this link and download file. Simply extract and install the exe file.

Now playground is ready to play. In my case my node version was 12.18.2 . In my development process, there is a package which was incompatible with this version. That npm package need to install node 12.18.3. Then I decide to install nvm.

After setup the nvm check nvm -v to check the version.

nvm -v

In order to check all version under nvm type nvm list . you will get the all version that nvm can switch.

nvm list

After setup the nvm I need to install 12.18.3 So I did it through nvm by below command.

nvm install 12.18.3

After install that version you need use that. To use that paste below command in your terminal.

nvm use 12.18.3

That’s it.