WP Latest Posts

You can consider it as my morning checklist. Every morning I open this and check whats going on inside WordPress ecosystem. This is basically developed with Next JS, hosted in Github and Netlify for deployment.

Pizza Slices

This is my learning project. I use Sanity to store my data in backend and use React with Gatsby for frontend.


Github Profile Card

I use github API to fetch data and show necessary data into a card as a react component. You just need to pass github username into component and rest work will be done automatically.


Github Repository Statistics

I use github API to get data from the respective repository. With the help of this component you can display data of any repo as a chart. To do this job repository must be public. Otherwise github won’t provide you the respective repository data.


WordPress Starter Theme with Gatsby

You can quickly convert your WordPress blog into Gatsby with the help of this theme. Every thing is component based. I use styled component to style all of the structure of this theme. You just have to gatsby companion WordPress plugin into your main WordPress site. Otherwise it won’t track your changes form your main site.


NextJS Starter Blog

JavaScript fetch api used to get data from an end piont and dynamically generate single post page from the respective data. Used styled component to style basic part. Use Netlify form to collect user email from visitor. Use NextJS to dynamically generate page and routing.